New Rental Form

This form must be fully completed and returned to the above address together with a deposit of $750.00 seven days prior to the event date; otherwise Centre Rental will be null and void. Once the rental agreement is received it will be approved within 72 hours from receipt.

Payment Method: Payment is by community / business cheque or a Personal certified Cheque or Money order or Demand draft only. No cash or credit cards will be accepted. When presenting payment you will be required to produce a government issued photo ID such as a driving license. Cheques are to be made payable to Calgary Indo Canadian Centre. You can also send deposit by email transfer to [email protected].

Signatures: This Rental Agreement should be duly completed and signed by the individual and or the authorized person of an association or party and the CICC Coordinator.

Event Details

Provide details of the event

Personal Info

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Rental Agreement – Terms and Conditions

I agree to be responsible for the conduct of our group in and about the facilities in use, for the control and containment of noise, group participants, litter and damage beyond ordinary wear and tear, which may occur while we are occupying the premises. I further agree that use of the Calgary Indo Canadian Center shall be in accordance with Policies and Procedures, local ordinances, Regulations and all valid laws of the Province of Alberta.  It is understood and agreed that the Boards, employees, volunteers, and agents shall be held harmless against all claims, damages, loss or expenses including attorney's fees arising out of or resulting from the use of this facility.

  • I am over 21 years of age
  • I agree to adhere to all policies set forth by the City, and acknowledge deposit may be kept to pay for damage caused by group or to clean facility after use
  • All information, to the best of my knowledge, provided on this form is truthful
  • Any violation to the Rental Policy will result in forfeiting your security deposit and you will be asked to pay for any additional expenses resulting from breach of this agreement

I have completed this agreement and I have read and understood and agree to the rental policy.

Rental Agreement: No rental shall be considered until a completed and executed Rental Agreement together with the appropriate fees and a security deposit is submitted to the office. All rentals are subject to the approval by the Calgary Indo Canadian Centre Building Management Committee.
Rental Fee: Please refer to the CICC Hall rental rates document.
Security Deposit: A security deposit is required at the time of application. All monies shall be returned if the application is not approved. The security deposit will be returned within 10 days after the event providing that all of the guidelines have been adhered to and /or subject to any damages, or miscellaneous expenses incurred during the rental period. Any damages that occur to the facility that are result of your rental party will be deducted from the security deposit. If the damage occurred is more than the security deposit, the applicant agrees to pay for the difference.
Cancellations: If a rental booking is cancelled less than seven (7) days before the event date we will retain $70 to cover administration costs.
Time: The Centre is available for rental from 8:00 am – 12:00 am, Monday to Sunday.
Capacity: The maximum capacity of the Centre is 150 people. Due to fire regulations the applicant must ensure that this is strictly adhered to.
Centre Setup: It is the responsibility of the renter to do any setup and return the facility back in the state it was found at the beginning of the rental period.
Decorations: Applicant is requested to limit the decorations to the furniture only. If decorations are to be put on the walls, prior approval is required. No drilling or nailing of any type is permitted in the building.
Tables and Chairs: Rectangular tables with folding legs and chairs that are stackable are provided and included in the rental fee. Other tables, chairs and/or furniture of any type are NOT to be brought into the Center.
Linens: The Centre does not provide any table linen, napkins etc. This is the responsibility of the applicant to provide.
Alcohol: Alcohol can be consumed provided a liquor permit has been obtained by the renter and a copy is provided to CICC prior to the beginning of the rental. Any violation of this item may forfeit your security deposit and you will be asked to leave the facility.
NO Smoking: The facility is a NO SMOKING facility and this is strictly enforced. Any violation of this item may forfeit your security deposit and you will be asked to leave the facility.
Indemnification: The renting party by executing this Rental Agreement shall agree to indemnify and hold harmless Calgary Indo Canada Centre Association, Gujarati Mandal of Calgary, Calgary Indo-Canadian Centre Association (CICCA), its agents, servants, volunteers, employees and Executive Officers from and against any and all claims, damages, personal injury, losses and expenses resulting from the renting party’s use of the facilities.
Closing: The Renter, all guests, Renter’s contractors and employees shall vacate the Centre no later than the ending time of the Rental Agreement. All doors, windows etc must be securely closed. The alarm system must be activated and set prior to leaving the building.
Clean Up: The Renter shall clear all trash and decorations from the Centre and dispose of the trash in the receptacles provided no later than the ending time of the agreement. Trash receptacles are located outside of the building at the back. All tables and chairs must be wiped of spills, stains etc. Floors must be swept. All tables and chairs are to be stacked in a neat manner as per the instructions provided in the storage room. There will be a $100 cleaning fee charged if the facility is not found in the SAME state it was at the start of the rental period.
Use of Kitchen: If you are using the Kitchen the following guidelines must be adhered to:
  1. Renting party is responsible for the complete clean-up of kitchen area. Countertops should be wiped. Oven and Microwaves should be cleaned, and floors should be swept and mopped. All trash is to be disposed of in the dumpster provided outside of the building.
  2. Wash and clean sinks and surrounding areas.
  3. Do not leave excess food, condiments or leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer without prior approval.

$750 Rental deposit will be applied to you.

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